Sunday, February 22, 2015


I don't want to bend 
And I don't want to break
I don't want to be real
But I don't want to fake
The things that I think 
And the things that I feel.
If I am not honest, 
Then I am not real.
What is the balance 
Between truth and tact?
Do I have to lie 
Versus stating a fact?
You ask my opinion and 
I give you my view,
The look In Your eyes
Tells me this is something new.
Haven't you had someone in your life,
Give it to you straight
Even if it cuts like a knife?
I guess I'm that one
Whose true words made you cry,
But your heart I so cherish
That I couldn't lie.


I don't like to cook
I don't like to clean
I wish I was thin
But hate eating lean.
I know I should scrub
I know I should dust
I so want a clean house
But try as I must
I don't like the mop
Or the rag or the sponge
I hate Mr. Clean 
Tho he cleans up much grunge.
So I'll start with one task 
And pick just one room.
If I have to start somewhere
Then get me a broom. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Donny oh Donny not that you care, 
but I've lost my keys and can't find my spare

I've looked for them high and I've looked for them low
I need to keep looking but I've got to go!

I can't find my ring or my shoes or my purse
Not a great Monday can this get any worse?

There's a stain on my pants and my hair is a mess
But I am so late that I couldn't care less.

The alarm wasn't set and my shower was cold
We ran out of coffee and my bagel was old.

Jake threw a fit and the car wouldn't start
So I took the truck I had to depart!

I hit every red from our house to my job
and my desk was a mess so Jay called me a slob.

I didn't mention the cop who gave me a fine
I plead innocence and said "was that a new sign?" 

My muse fell asleep and I couldn't write
Is it 5 o'clock yet?  I can't wait til tonight!

Dinner promptly at six, or I will be mad!
I need to snug with my boys and watch Breaking Bad.


Just when you thought, you would bend but not break
The calm part of you started to shake

You tried to fight off anxiety and tears
You swore to yourself not to give into your fears

Overwhelmed and lost, you felt so disjointed
Making you feel, in yourself, terribly disappointed

You wanted so badly to swim and not sink
"I'm crazy" you thought "my sanity on the brink!"

Then you looked up to the sky to call out for aid
And a peace came over you, and your stress started to fade

A whisper to you came out of nowhere
Soft on the breeze an answer to your prayer?

I, too felt alone while the apostles did sleep
They didn't wipe my tears when I started to weep
I asked my Father for this horror to cease
I ask my Father to give me some peace
Just when I thought I would break and not bend
I found myself strong to the end
My strength came from a place down deep in my heart
It never left me it was there from the start
I just needed to remember his unwavering love
Unconditional it was and sent from above
He gave me strength when I thought I'd drown in sorrow
He gave me strength so I could get through to tomorrow.
So when you feel like you are lost an alone
There is a quiet strength within you, you've always known
A strength given from God for you to protect and to hold

A strength that will get you through to a future untold.