Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We're Tired!

Scandal and Blame
Division and War
Benghazi, NSA
Clinton, Bush one, two & Gore

It doesn't matter which direction you lean
Politicians hands are dirty and say ours aren't clean

They stand up to fight
When it suits selfish reasons
And their positions change more
Than all of the seasons

When did they stop
Listening to us all?
When did they quit caring
Whether Schumer or Paul

They all serve the same evil
And line their pockets with cash
And lie to us daily
Talking nothing but trash

Well listen up politicians
We're all tired of your crap
Stop dividing our country
Like lines on a map

We're taking back our country
God bless the USA
So quit trying to silence us
We won't go a way!

You should run scared
It's your rhetoric that bothers
Stop taking our rights
Promised by the founding fathers!

You may not have term limits just yet
But even one voice speaks louder
So listen to this threat:

Stop spending all your time
Trying to stay admired
Cuz when we cast our votes
Consider yourself fired!

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