Saturday, May 3, 2014

Shiny Me

You think I am flakey
You think I'm a ditz
You think that it helps when you say
"Make a list."
I wish I could show you 
What goes on in my mind.
Maybe if you got it
You be much more kind.
It's not that I can't pay attention to you
It's that I pay attention to much
To thing within view
And things that I hear
And things that I feel 
Which seem insignificant to you
But make my brain reel.
I want not to react to noises and touch
But the distraction it causes
Is sometimes too much.
How do I explain the stress it does cause
Or the picture my mind creates and then draws
Of the roof or the cat or the pen or the bean
Or the rice and the swing or the fork or the stream?
Try like I might to stay right on task
My mind has other things in which to bask.
In the warmth or the sting or feel of my skirt
Or the burning I feel of the tag in my shirt.
My socks are too tight 
And my hair makes me tickle 
What's for supper tonight?
Cheeseburgers and a pickle?
Please try not to judge 
I have gifts I can use
For our mutual benefit
If you don't refuse.
I am love and I'm light
Full of ideas and trust
Just give me a chance
Roll your eyes if you must
But when you see what I offer
You will amazed
Hyper thoughtful I am,
Not scattered and dazed.
I long to contribute
But often can't find a way
But if you give me some time,
And my thoughts I'll convey
So you'll finally know
There's a person within
Who just needs a chance
So that she'll finally fit in.